Star Wars Challenge

Team Cyberspace’s answers for Star Wars challenge.


Mary Proctor It’s about being a leader. Our determined fearless leader, Mary Proctor is. Hmmmm! .  It’s not the fantastic hair or the fact she can hire and fire people. Yeesssssss! It’s about creative thinking, keeping it together when it counts.  [Princess Leia]

Belma Gaukrodger  Originally taken captive by the dark side of the Flit, Belma was. To free herself and to join the Jedi-T lecturers, she finally managed! [Rey]

Clare Atkins Dr Clare Atkins is our legendary Jedi-T Master and stronger than most in her connection with the Force. Wise and powerful, she trained Jedi-T for over many years, playing integral roles in the IT lecturing team. [Yoda]

Sandra Dyke  A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…. Sandra attending NMIT. Gifted in with an exceptional  ability for data manipulation she was, found herself joining the ranks of her Jedi-T masters and upon graduation, she did [Askuka Tano]


Trisha Krishnasamy  Under the command of general Mary Proctor as her envoy to the it students, Trisha serves. Yeesssssss! Herh Herh Herh Herh! Many aspects of our IT team, she coordinates and manages. Well known for her loyalty and her dedication, she is. Yeesssssss! Yeesssssss! [R2D2]


Craig Nicoll Craig’s no mystery man. Is absolutely what you get, is what you see. During his time at NMIT, become a chief figure in the IT alliance, Craig has. [Han Solo]


Mark Caukill From the outer rim world of Canada, hails he. Known for is advanced knowledge in network infrastructure and virtualization, he is. Feel the force! Hmmmm! Passionate about it and supporting his students and colleagues always looking out for his students and fellow colleagues, he is.  [Obi One]


Todd Cochrane [C3P0]


Matthias Otto   [Chewy]


Neil Benson [Katie the starwars girl]



Pimp Your Ride Challenge

After finding all the clues for today’s treasure hunt we decided to complete the first part of the pimp my ride challenge. This involved getting our laptops ready for the year ahead!

For this we first off started by installing the software below, while we got most of the software installed a couple of the BYOD laptops had issues with Office and Visual Studio. They are going to finish the final stage tonight, so they’re ready for tomorrows meeting!

  1. BYOD – Connection to NMIT wireless

  2. Get logged into Moodle & access the section “Challenge Week”!!!

  3. Find instruction to source Microsoft Imagine software and install it

  4. Office365 – IT Services Instructions

  5. Visual Studio

  6. Visual paradigm


  8. MySQL

  9. Visio

  10. Microsoft Project (for SYD601)



We then moved onto installing any extra software that we thought would be useful such as Google Drive for backups, also customizing our desktop’s Start menus.


And here is the finished result! (Louis had to catch his ride, but his laptop was all up and running)


Treasure Hunt!!!!

Today Team Cyberspace finished the treasure hunt! our team consists of Alex Buckley, Aaron Lyall, Scott Riley, Jeffrey Cullen, Finn Radloff, Jason Kemp and Louis Odinot.

-Note that Jeffrey and Louis were late joiners so they’re not in all the photos.


Team Cyberspace at the Sprig and Fern Nelson!


Team Cyberspace at the Cafe!


Team Cyberspace at Saniti!


Team Cyberspace at Prices Pharmacy !


Team Cyberspace at Stormy’s Man Cave!!


Team Cyberspace at The Craft Beer Depot! (Photo still to come)


Team Cyberspace at SBS!


Team Cyberspace at Whitcoulls Nelson!


Team Cyberspace at Noel Leemings Nelson!


Team Cyberspace at Domino’s Nelson!


Team Cyberspace at Harvey Norman!!


Team Cyberspace at Starbucks!


Team Cyberspace at Sate Cinema 6 Nelson!


Team Cyberspace at Spark Nelson!


Team Cyberspace at The Vic!


Team Cyberspace at Global Soap!


Team Cyberspace at New World Nelson!


The clues lead us to The Waka! ( The others had to leave for work and to catch their ride)




Welcome to our NMIT IT challenge week page for the one and only Team Cyberspace!!!!

Our team consists of seven people with a mixture of three third year IT Students and four first year students.


Aaron Lyall ( Team Leader)

Alex Buckley

Finn Radloff

Jason Kemp

Jeffrey Cullen

Louis Odinot

Scott Riley